Lazer Tag


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World of Lazer Tag
Yoyuba transforms into a world of Lazer Tag…. Find your way through the maze of soft play in a mist of smoke, lazerlights, strobes and ultra violet lights! The techno beat will keep you racing!

The lazer warriors have their faces painted in UV fluorescent paint and will be taught how to use the guns and how to play the games.

Your party has a dedicated monitor with a Master control gun; each game has winners and prizes to be won!
Lazer Parties are for children 6 years and over. Book early to avoid disappointment.
What Yoyuba Lazer Warriors and Mums have said…

‘This is the best party EVER!!’ Ryan, age 8.

‘We had a fab lazor tag party yesterday, thanks so much, kids had the best time, i will sort photos and post something soon‘ Mum Mrs B.

‘That was AMAZING! Can I have my birthday here?’ Mum Mrs. J –active player in her son’s Lazer Party.

YOYUBA Adventure Park

Yoyuba Lazer Tag